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Lash Lift & Perm

Lash Lift & Perm is a treatment that semi-permanently curls your natural lashes for weeks.  This will open up your eyes and give the appearance of longer lashes.



  • Enhance your own natural lashes
  • Lashes look longer and fuller
  • Bigger, wide-eyed appearance

How does it work?

Lash Lift & Perm curls your lashes with a perm which leaves a semi-permanent kink in your lashes giving the optical illusion that your lashes are longer and fuller.

What can i expect during treatment?

Your lashes are first coated with an adhesive and then wrapped around a perm rod which is what keeps the shape. Once your eyes are closed completely the perming solution is applied, and you must let it sit for several minutes. The next step is adding the neutralizing solution. Overall the entire process takes an hour.

What are the results?

Lash Lift & Perm enhances your own natural eyelashes and reduces damage to lashes from over-curling. This treatment is suitable for short or long lashes. Results can last anywhere from 5-6 weeks depending on maintenance, lifestyle, etc.

Is it safe?

Lash Lift & Perm is safe when administered by a professional.  The chemicals used can cause damage to your sight if not used properly, and possible skin irritation could occur but is rare.

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