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Massage Therapy helps clients recover from muscle fatigue and injury, gain flexibility and improve performance. This treatment inspires greater relaxation, reduces pain and heals the body and mind. 



  • Reduces Stress
  • Recovery from injury
  • Pain Management
  • Induces relaxation for better sleep

How does it work?

Massage Therapy manipulates the soft tissues in the body to promote and maintain health. Through a series of general questions. Your massage therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition and if massage is appropriate for you. Individual attention will be given with an emphasis on relaxation, stress reduction and overall well-being with a focus on pain management and restoring body function.

What can i expect during treatment?

After your initial assessment, the Massage Therapist will step out of the room so that you may undress to your comfort level and lie on a massage table, covered by a sheet or large towel. Make sure you are comfortable and let the therapist know if you are not. During your massage relax your mind and body and breathe normally. Your therapist will ask if you are feeling any discomfort. Remember communication is key to get the most of your treatment. Once the massage is over, the therapist will step out to allow you to redress.

What are the results?

Massage Therapy has been known to make the immune system more efficient and increases awareness. You may also experience less stress, tension and anxiety.  For athletes, massage therapy before exercise has shown that muscles become more pliable and after a hard workout, reduces muscle spasms and enables muscle recovery which reduces the risk of injury. 

Is it safe?

Massage Therapy is very safe. Side-affects are extremely rare but we do advise individuals to consult with their physician if they have any prior medical issues. 

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