4 Reasons to Consider Microblading, Part 2

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Thank you for joining us for part two of our short blog series, Four Reasons to Consider Microblading. In our last blog post, we offered four reasons why you should try microblading if you have thinning or bald eyebrows or want to achieve a fuller look. Microblading is a minimally invasive procedure that can restore natural-looking eyebrows by inserting semi-permanent pigment into the superficial dermis of your brow line. If you missed our last post, here are some of the reasons to consider this spa procedure:

  • Can save you time getting ready

  • Can save you money

  • Semi-permanent procedure so no lifelong commitment

  • Quick, straightforward procedure that takes about 90 minutes

If you are still on the edge about whether or not microblading is for you, here are four more reasons to consider microblading. Then, when you are ready to meet with a specialist, contact Remedi Spa, a Top Rated Local® Staten Island spa, to book a consultation.

Four More Reasons to Try Microblading

Restores Balance and Symmetry to Your Face

Thin eyebrows, patchy brows, or hairless brow-lines can take away from the symmetry of your face. While drawing your brows on everyday can help, it can be challenging to get your brows even. We’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “Your brows are sisters, not twins,” and while this is true, if your brows look completely different, it can not only interrupt your facial balance and symmetry, but can also affect your expressions. Microblading restores symmetry to your face, helping you look amazing and feel more confident about your appearance.

Can Boost Your Confidence

Whether you have over-plucked your brows, or you lost them due to a medical condition, microblading can give you back natural-looking brows, which can be a major confidence booster. If you have eyebrows that are thin, bald, or patchy, it can affect your self-confidence in your appearance. Restoring your old eyebrows via microblading can give you back your look, helping you feel beautiful and confident without worry that they look drawn-on.    

Sweat Proof, Waterproof Brows

If you lead an active lifestyle, either as an athlete, working out, or participating in recreational sports, microblading delivers natural-looking brows that won’t smear or run. Many eyebrow cosmetics claim to be waterproof, but will still fade, smear, or disappear the minute sweat or water touches them. With microblading, you never have to worry about your brows getting wet! You can wipe the sweat away from your brow in confidence, knowing your brows will stay in place without getting smudged.

Relatively Painless Procedure

Everyone experiences pain differently, but overall, microblading is considered a minimally invasive procedure with minor pain. While some people experience mild discomfort, others do not experience anything more than the sensation of a pin prick. Talk to your specialist about your pain threshold during your consultation, which can help prepare you for what you can expect during the procedure.

Book a Microblading Consultation

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