Get Pampered for Valentine’s Day, Part 1


It’s hard to believe February is already here, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Many of you will be making the most of this special day by going on a romantic date with your significant other, or girl powering it up with your best gal pals. No matter how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart or loved ones here in Staten Island, chances are, you’ll want to get dolled up for the special occasion. Here are some of our favorite Remedi Spa treatments to help you look and feel your best this Valentine’s Day.

Beautiful Brows and Lashes

We all love getting decked out for a date night with our significant other, or to hit the town with our girlfriends, but Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to go the extra mile with our beauty methods. Perfectly-shaped brows and high-definition lashes are all the rage right now. And while we can achieve gorgeous looks by applying high-quality brow liners, powders, and mascara, spa treatments like microblading, brow waxing, and lash extensions are an excellent way to enhance our natural beauty for a long-lasting, flawless, effortless look. Are your brows looking a bit out of sorts with hairs going in every direction? Try a brow waxing and let our beauty team up your brow game. If you have thinning eyebrows and want to give them a beauty boost, microblading is an excellent way to get fuller, natural-looking brows just in time for your romantic Valentine's getaway.

Why not use Valentine’s as an excuse to treat yourself to a set of full, luscious lash extensions that can draw more attention to your beautiful eye color while complementing the shape of your eyes? Lash extensions provide long-lasting results without all the fuss of applying messy mascara every morning. Just think, you could get off work and go straight to your date or to your dinner with your girlfriends without having to re-apply more mascara.



Get Smoother Skin with a Body Treatment

Valentine’s Day is a great time for cuddling and snuggling your significant other. One way to improve your skin’s texture and appearance before the ultimate cuddle day is receiving a body wrap or body scrub. At Remedi Spa, we offer only the best body treatments that provide immediate results with no downtime. Maybe you have some stubborn cellulite that you’d like to smooth out before wearing that super cute, little black dress. Try our relaxing and rejuvenating Cellutox Ocean Wrap to reduce the appearance of cellulite just in time for your big date night or weekend getaway. If the cold winter weather has made dry skin a part of your everyday norm, you’ll enjoy a soothing Brown Sugar and Vanilla Body Scrub, which will exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

Find Your Remedi Today

No matter how you prefer to enhance your natural beauty and wellness for Valentine’s Day, our friendly, knowledgeable team here at Remedi Spa will be happy to pamper you. Call our spa in Staten Island today to book your spa visit and experience relaxing rejuvenation just in time for the romantic holiday. Don’t forget to check out this month’s spa specials for a soothing skin fix and calming soul relief.