Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthy, Happy Body & Mind, Pt. 2


Welcome back to our blog! In part one of this four-part blog series, we began looking at the ways you can spring clean your health and beauty routines to say “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to spring with a healthy, happy body and mind. Some of the wellness tips we offered included:

  • Being more active

  • Cleaning and purging your beauty supplies   

  • Restoring your skin’s radiance

Let’s look at a few more ways you can shake off the wintertime blues by restoring and rejuvenating your body and mind.

Add a Little Color to Your Life

Rejuvenate your skin’s glow with a little color to get rid of your dull winter skin tone. Skip the tanning bed and opt instead for a spray bronze that will give you a gorgeous, even color to enhance your skin’s natural tone. A spray tan is the best way to get that immediate sun-kissed color you desire for those warmer days when you want to shed the layers, without exposing your skin to the damaging UV rays found in tanning beds. It’s amazing what a little color will do for your appearance and confidence!

Get a Massage

There’s never a wrong time to get a massage, but receiving one at the start of spring is an effective way to restore mindful and emotional balance. During your massage, you may experience a sense of peace and calmness which gives you a chance to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. A restorative massage treatment helps reduce built-up tension and stress, while easing tightness and stiffness. Muscle work also stimulates circulation to aid the body’s natural ability to recover and heal from pain and injuries by flushing out toxins from the soft tissues. We offer a variety of seasonal scents to heighten the massage experience for an even more rejuvenating effect.

Scrub Dry, Winter Skin Away

One of the best ways to spring clean your body is with a restorative body scrub. The winter elements are incredibly harsh on your skin, causing dryness and flakiness that affect the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin. A body scrub, salt glow, or body wrap will alleviate dry skin on your entire body by restoring moisture to your skin. A body scrub is the most effective way to exfoliate and soften your skin to improve its texture. A salt glow combines natural plant-based ingredients and oils to cleanse the skin and replenish moisture for soft, supple skin that looks more youthful afterwards. A body wrap also combines natural ingredients to nourish, smooth, and soften the skin. Some body wraps, like our Cellutox Ocean Wrap, can reduce the appearance of cellulite for smoother, tighter skin. This is a popular treatment during springtime because it helps reduce fluid retention that can build up during months when people tend to be less active.

Book a Spa Visit

Rejuvenate your body and mind this spring with a visit to Remedi Spa in Staten Island for a spray bronze, massage, body treatment, or any of our other spa treatments. Join us next time as we look at more ways to reinvigorate your body and mind for spring. Contact us today to book a spa visit!