4 Ways To Reduce Shoulder Tension, Part 1

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Recurring shoulder tension is highly common among men and women of all ages and all occupations. Whether caused by working a high-stress job, a physical response to anxiety, injury, or poor posture, there are a number of triggers that cause the shoulder muscles to tense up. The trouble is, shoulder tension can cause other symptoms to develop, including neck pain, headaches, or radiating pain that travels down the arms or down the spine. Oftentimes, shoulder tension is painful and limits a person’s full range of motion and function, which can limit their ability to perform everyday activities.

The massage therapists at Remedi Spa in Staten Island have some helpful hints to share with you to help reduce muscle tension in the shoulders, which can help you better manage pain. Ready to book a massage to reduce muscle and joint tension? Call or click to schedule an appointment for massage therapy at your Top Rated Local® Staten Island spa. In the meantime, here are a few tips for you to consider.

Four Ways to Reduce Shoulder Tension

Stretch Daily

Stretching your neck and shoulders can be done anywhere, and is a simple, effective way to find tension relief quickly. Stretching your muscles keeps them flexible, allowing for a better range of motion. One simple shoulder stretch involves pulling either arm across your chest while using your opposite hand to gently press your arm against your chest. This stretches your rhomboid and trapezius muscles that become tense easily.

Make Your Workspace Ergonomic

No matter your occupation, make your workspace accommodating for your posture. If you work at a desk and computer, situate your desk at a height that allows you to look straight ahead. This can prevent slouching and straining, both of which contribute to muscle tension and spasm in the shoulders and neck.

Find Ways to De-Stress

Stress is a top-culprit for causing shoulder tension. Find healthy ways to de-stress by doing things that help you de-stress while boosting your happiness and positivity. These activities may include meditating, journaling, exercising, unplugging from distractions, taking a hot bath, or devoting more time to a favorite hobby.  

Schedule a Massage

Massage therapy, whether it is a deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, therapeutic massage, or Swedish massage, is an effective way to reduce muscle tension and stress in the shoulders and upper back. At Remedi Spa in Staten Island, we offer a wide range of massage treatments given by compassionate and experienced massage therapists who have one goal: to help you feel and move better. Book a massage and find your remedy for shoulder tension today!