Spa Treatments That Relieve Sinus Congestion

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Are you one of the many individuals who is fighting sinus congestion this cold season? You’re not alone. According to a weekly report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza and cold symptoms are on the rise in the U.S., with record numbers of cases being reported during the 2018-2019 cold and flu season. One of the worst symptoms associated with the common cold is sinus congestion, which can cause pressure to build in the sinuses contributing to headaches, eye aches, runny/stuffy nose, and dry, irritated skin on the face.

Here at Remedi Spa in Staten Island, we offer a few beneficial spa treatments that can help alleviate sinus congestion, pressure, and headache. Today, we’ll look at these treatments and how they can help you feel better, breathe better, and encourage the body’s natural healing ability to fight off the common cold.   

Relieve Sinus Congestion With These Spa Treatments


Aromatherapy is a natural healing remedy that has been used by cultures worldwide for centuries to treat a number of conditions and symptoms. Using aromatic essential oils derived from plants, herbs, and spices, aromatherapy can work on its own, or in combination with another treatment, such as a massage, to relieve a number of symptoms, ease tension, and alleviate physical, mental, and emotional stress.

When inhaled through the sinuses, aromas like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, sage, tea tree oil, and others can ease inflammation in the sinuses, allowing the sinuses to open up for improved respiratory function. When applied topically, these oils can relieve tension, inflammation, and aches and pain, which are often associated with sinus congestion.


Reflexology is an ancient healing tradition based on Chinese medicine that addresses numerous symptoms and conditions. Reflexology involves tapping into specific pressure points located on the hands and feet that correlate to other systems and regions in the body. By massaging these pressure points, such as the Lung Point, the Sinus Point, and the Nose Point, your therapist can:

  • Soothe soreness

  • Increase circulation and qi flow

  • Clear/drain mucus

  • Unblock sinuses

  • Reduce stuffiness

  • Clear congestion

  • Boost energy flow

  • Strengthen immune system

Massage Therapy with Sinus Package

If you have sinus pressure and congestion from a cold or allergies, a soothing sinus massage can help with circulation and toxin removal to help clear away mucus and reduce pressure in the sinus cavity. By focusing on the specific sinus points on the head, face, and neck and combining massage with aromatherapy, your massage therapist can unblock the sinuses, clear congestion, and reduce soreness and ache.   

Find Your Remedy

Are you ready to find your remedy for sinus congestion? At Remedi Spa in Staten Island, our relaxing, rejuvenating spa treatments can alleviate sinus congestion, sinus pressure, and the discomfort sinus congestion can cause such as pain and headaches. From massage and reflexology to aromatherapy, our therapists can help you feel better by relieving pain, improving circulation, and stimulating the body’s own ability to heal. If you would like to schedule a massage or body treatment, reach out to your premier, Top Rated Local® Staten Island spa today.