How to Care for Your Eyelash Extensions Like a Pro

Getting your lashes done is an investment, which is why you will want to take all the essential steps to take the very best care of your lash extensions. Here at Remedi Spa, we want you to get the most out of your eyelash extensions so that you get maximum enjoyment and longevity from them. The key to keeping your lashes looking and feeling flawless is to make caring for them a part of your daily beauty ritual. 

Today, we will share five ways to care for your lash extensions so they can continue looking luscious to enhance your natural features. If you have questions about your lash extensions, or you would like to schedule an appointment for a new application or a fill, click the link to contact our premier spa in Staten Island

How to Care for Your Lash Extensions

Maintain Clean Lashes

If you want to keep your lashes looking full and thick, it is essential to keep them clean. Most importantly, you want to use a gentle eyelash shampoo cleanser that is oil-free and alcohol-free. You will want to gently cleanse your lashes at least once a day — twice a day if you wear makeup. If you use a cotton ball or cotton pad, be sure to fully saturate the applicator to prevent cotton strands from sticking to your lashes. Also, apply the cleanser gently using light pressure and side-to-side swipes. Pat dry with a clean cloth and use your eyelash brush to gently tidy up your lashes. 

Avoid Using Oil-Based Products

Once you have eyelash extensions, it’s time to say “goodbye” to oil-based cleaners, eye creams, moisturizers, and cosmetics. Mineral oil, coconut oil, and all other oils can reduce the longevity of your lash extensions, as these ingredients interfere with the effectiveness of the lash adhesive.

Skip the Mascara

Applying mascara, especially oil-based mascara, is a major no-no when you have lash extensions. After all, one of the main reasons people get false lashes is so they don’t have to apply mascara every day. Skipping the mascara can extend the life of your lashes and keep you from scrubbing them to remove the mascara. If you apply mascara to the bottom lashes, be sure to use oil-free products only. If you do want that extra oompf with your lashes, only use mascara that is safe for lash extensions. 

Be Gentle On Your Eyes

Just like your natural lashes, it is completely normal for you to lose up to five lashes a day. But to prevent your false lashes from falling out earlier than intended, it is important to be gentle on your eyes. Try not to rub them too hard when they itch, and definitely do not pull or tug on your lash extensions. Not only will these invasive actions damage your false lashes, but also your natural lashes.  

Schedule Routine Lash Fill-Ins

In order to keep your lashes looking fresh and full, you will want to schedule regular lash fill-ins after your initial application. Every person is different, but typically, we recommend bi-weekly fills, or pushing them out to three or four weeks at the very most. This helps to ensure your lashes can be filled in before too much natural loss has occurred, which could result in another full application. This is the most cost-effective plan that keeps your lashes continuously looking full and beautiful.

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